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24 Nov 2020 0 comments

Royalty Hotel Athens has developed and implements a “Covid Shied” Management System in the field of Hotel Sleep Operation, preparation and provision of a full meal for both hotel’s guests and outside visitors.

The hotel’s management undertakes to implement and all the requirements and procedures defined for the prevention measures against Covid-19 as well as “Covid Shield”. The application of the “Covid Shield” principles as well as all the instructions from the competent authorities is applied in the scope of Hotel’s application but also in any direct function such as gatherings for trainings or review purposes. Also it is applicated in all involved departments such as staff and stakeholders like suppliers and equipment (maintenance of air condition and ventilation), our facilities (rooms, kitchens, reception, cashier, storage rooms, lobby etc.) and organizations that potentially use the hotel’s facilities.

The management is committed to the continuous implementation and validation of the systems throughout the working hours in all hotel’s areas.


To achieve the above:

  • Management System is developed and implemented according to the ELOT EN ISO22000:2018, prevention rules against COVID-19 and “Covid-Shield”
  • We continuously improve and review the characteristics of our services as well as the efficiency of Processes and consequently Total Management System. These objectives are established and evaluated in terms of their achievement in the context of the Review of the Management System "Covid shield" by the Management of the organization, and take into account the threats and opportunities identified by the company.
  • We provide all the necessary resources to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the system
  • We invest in the continuous training, information and training of its executives in order to promote the quality of our activities.
  • Monitor, measure and evaluate critical parameters and Processes to ensure system implementation.



The "Covid shield" System is monitored, maintained, validated and improved through programs of inspections, evaluations and reviews. It is designed in order to focus on prevention, but without underestimating corrective action mechanisms when the System is found to be non-compliant.

The achievement of the objectives is achieved with modern know-how, compliance with European, National Legislation & Competent authorities, compliance with market conditions, with ancillary functions and with the provision of the necessary resources (ie ethical and material means), with continuous awareness and information on Food Safety, and Current Developments of Covid 19. Immediate updating of both bibliographic and regulatory requirements is a concern of the Hotel in collaboration with specialized partners and following the guidelines available from the competent authorities.

The unceasing effort for continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Covid Shield System is the main concern of the company and the philosophy of every employee, and also of our suppliers / partners, our customers. The Covid Shield Policy is available to all stakeholders related to the operation of the hotel when guests enter the room via the "Welcome" TV and through the business website. Our Policy has been sent to all partners and suppliers.



The Management Departure